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The Finnish Genetics of Pre-eclampsia Consortium (FINNPEC) is a cross-sectional case-control multicentre study to investigate and search genetic markers predisposing to pre-eclampsia, with particular focus on detailed clinical characterisation of pre-eclampsia phenotypes.

Two arms

  1. The prospective arm: pre-eclamptic women were identified on admission at all University Hospitals in Finland. After recruitment of a pre-eclamptic woman, the next woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy attending the same clinic was recruited as a control subject. The baby and the spouse of each participant (=father of the child) were also enrolled for the study.
  2. 2. The retrospective arm: women who have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia or IUGR/placental insufficiency during their pregnancies were recruited retrospectively, based on medical records of the hospitals.

The aims

  1. To establish a nationwide DNA and clinical database on pre-eclamptic and control women, including their partners and babies. This database will be used for genetic studies and for confirmatory assessments of candidate loci arising from these and other ongoing studies, putatively associated with pre-eclampsia, other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy or fetal growth.
  2. To delineate endophenotypes (clinically defined, pathophysiologically meaningful subgroups) of pre-eclampsia. Endophenotypes are essential tools in genetic studies and may ultimately aid in identifying individuals who would benefit most from interventions.
  3. To study the consequences of pre-eclampsia for the later health of the mother, newborn child and father.


Flowchart of the FINNPEC study (Dec 2015)

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